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Jesus Loves Me Bible (6T) 新編幼兒聖經第三課

Jesus Loves Me Bible (6T) 新編幼兒聖經第三課

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新編幼兒聖經第三課,是幼兒 聖經系列中內容最豐富,取材最齊全的一課。全書共記載了一百二十篇精選的聖經故事(比第一課多出八十三篇,比第二課多出五十六篇),是父母在培育幼兒靈命成長過程中的好幫手。

Through 120 short, lively stories, the Jesus Loves Me Bible will capture the attention of your little ones and help them grow in their faith. The  Jesus Loves Me Bible is perfect for beginning readers and for reading to younger children. 

Ages: 5-8
Size: 157mm x 188mm

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