About Us

Mountainwood Publishing is a family publishing house that started in 1995 in Hong Kong.  For almost 30 years we published 26 bilingual books, in both Chinese and English, our mission has been about publishing bible related books for children.  Some of our earlier books were through collaborations with prominent overseas publishing houses such as Lion Children; Zonderkidz; Tommy Nelson; Gold“n”Honey Books.  In the past 10 years, we launched our own line of children’s bilingual books intimately focusing on Jesus’ teachings.

As a publishing house, we hope to bring all the children many meaningful stories from the bible.  Through our books, the unique and amazing stories are told in many different ways which could bring the teachings of the bible to all young inquisitive minds.  We hope this website is a welcoming warm spot in the vast internet to find books about God; a place to read; share your thoughts with us as well as a community to grow together as all children of God.